Wage your own War on Waste

Get your own cup to keep, a Keepcup. Guilt free coffee on the go in a takeaway cup that doesn’t create tons of waste! Wage your own war on waste, re-use your mug! 

Disposable coffee cups do not get recycled! Yes they may be paper, but they have a coating on them which makes them coffee proof (without it they would just become a soggy mess) That coating prevents them from being recycled, so every takeaway coffee you get results in a cup going to landfill. Every cup. Every day, 2 or sometimes 3 times a day. Or more on big days 

#notosingleuse #zerowaste #reuse

Or get yourself a supercool stainless steel insulated cup, the vacuum insulation means your coffee stays hot, almost forever (well, all day pretty much).

Or take 5 and have a sit down in cafe de-stress timeout while you’re at it. It costs no more and you don’t have to wash the cup!​


Once you’ve got the coffee thing sorted, think about the water bottle issue. There’s more waste to avoid there. Keep away from plastics, go stainless steel or glass.


Stainless steel with bamboo on lid. 

In matt black


Growler’ style is also available.


And there are steel lunchbox options.


And cups for cold drinks 


Or smoothie and shake styles


All those choices of colours and sizes, you’ll want to get more than one ! Hahaha. But seriously, get one that has a wide opening so it’s easy to drink from, easy to clean, and you can drop ice blocks in when the heat is on.


And if the teacher allows, glass bottles are great especially if you take juice or flavoured water.

So wage your own war on waste! 

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