March is Earth Hour time!

Earth Hour

The beginnings of Earth Hour

The first Earth Hour  was celebrated In March 2007 for just one hour in one city, when everybody turned out the lights to show support for reduced energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions.

Beeswax Jam Jar Tealight candles

Cute little jam jar candles lined up ready for EarthHour

Earth Hour went viral!

The idea quickly spread around the world, embraced by people from every nation!

Jam jar candles as table decorations

Beeswax Jam Jar candles are perfect tabletop candles!

A candlelit dinner, a family barbecue or a community get-together all lit by candles or solar lights, are wonderful ways to join in this movement!

Beeswax Jamjar tealight candles

The cutest little jam jar tealight candles made from pure beeswax!

The trend soon extended beyond the hour, entire cities, towns and suburbs switching off for the entire evening!

In keeping with the idea of cutting carbon emmissions (and more importantly for health reasons) the candles you choose to burn should be beeswax candles. (see the reasons for this choice in our earlier blog here)

The new candle released for this EarthHour is the cute and very practical Jam Jar Tealight. The Jam Jar Tealight has a 4 to 4.5 hour burn time, perfect for an entire evening. The Jam Jar Tealight burns clean, the wax melts and fils the jar and the whole lot is burnt in one evening. No mess, no toxins, no cleanup!

When they are finished, you can pop a refill candle in the jar, ready for next time, or just put the glass jar in the recycle bin.

The Jam Jar Candle was designed by QueenB for and with sustainable designer Joost. These delightful candles have been used in the Greenhouse by Joost enviro-restaurants, so they have been thoroughly tested!

Join in, pledge support for Earth Hour, act now!

Join Earth Hour and switch off the lights, it’s a fun and an easy way to join the growing trend; and a great excuse for a party!

Beeswax candles, as provided by nature

Pure beeswax candles are the best!

March is EarthHour time, time to actively do something to cut your carbon emmissions.

EarthHour badgeNow, for 2013, Earth Hour has challenged participants to switch to green power, and so cut back on carbon emmissions all year round.

It’s time to claim back some clean air, cut the pollution, get together with your community, and enjoy this wonderful world!

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