Moving out with Beetlebox eco removal boxes

Moving out or moving house? BeetleBox hires out storage boxes for eco removals and storage. They’re also great for storing and stacking your stuff when renovating! BeetleBoxes are delivered and picked up, no hassles.

That’s Glen with a BeetleBox at Eco at Home!

BeetleBox eco packing boxes

Beetlebox stackable sturdy boxes for eco relocations and storage.

Moving house is a stressfull time, and it’s hard to maintain the ‘eco’ ethos when there’s a lot to coordinate. Enter BeetleBox, the eco removals box in Sydney.

BeetleBox brings a stack of packing crates to your old house, you load them up, wheel them about and eventually unload them in your new home. BeetleBox then picks up the crates from your new address! BeetleBox covers the three RRRs, reduce, reuse and recycle! Take the stress out of having to hunt down cardboard boxes, which always end up being odd sizes and not easily stack-able, plus they crush when you stack them, squishing their contents. BeetleBoxes are sturdy plastic, they keep your treasures safe and accessible, and they stack neatly and securely. The best part is that they come with a ‘dolly’, a little wheeled cradle that you can stack them on and wheel them out the door.

Save your back and save the environment! They are made from No 2 plastic, so when they eventually retire from BeetleBox duties, they are recycled.

A stack of BeetleBoxe eco removal boxes on a dolly

Green removals boxes, a stack of BeetleBoxes move easily on a ‘dolly’ or trolley.

BeetleBoxes are also great for storing your stuff when you’re renovating; repainting or refinishing your floors. Pack the contents of the room into a stack of BeetleBoxes, and transfer the neat stack to another room or the garage. The packs come with cable ties to secure the lids, and packing material for your fragile items. You’re set for an eco move with BeetleBox!

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