Store Woolens Naturally!

Storing woolens is part of the spring cleaning routine, but there’s no need to use smelly naphthalene nor vacuum sealed bags that suffocate your clothes. Woolens are best kept so that they breathe; ideally in a timber box or wardrobe, especially if the box is made from Cedar or Camphor (insects hate the oils in these woods).

Cedar Fresh Moth Balls.

Natural oils in Cedar deter clothes moths.

In the absence of these pieces of furniture, as is the case in our home, store your woollies in the top (or bottom) of the wardrobe, with a generous strewing of Cedar Fresh moth balls. These little moth balls come 18 in a packet, and smell wonderful!

Even better, you could extend the life of these cedar balls for a second season by rolling each ‘marble’ between two sheets of sandpaper to remove the dried wood, and expose more of the cedar oil, or you can add a little lavender essential oil to them. But be careful not to make them too oily or you may stain your clothes!

If you have a box to store your woolen items in, that will help to keep the scents from the cedar and lavender in and around the woolens. Think of the sort of box you might use as a gift box, or when you buy expensive lingerie or perhaps a wedding gown! You may need to line the box with acid-free tissue paper to ensure the cardboard doesn’t contact the fabric if your items are delicate, just to ensure the cardboard doesn’t colour the fabric.

Start by checking each item to make sure it has all it’s buttons etc, mend any seams that are coming apart, and remove any piling that may have happened with wear. You want the woolens ready to wear when the first cold weather hits in autumn!

Choose a good wool wash, one with eucalyptus oil in it, to further deter all insect life. Lavender is also a deterrent for insects, so a wool wash or fabric softener with added lavender oil also helps. Note: it has to be actual lavender or lavender oil, look for ‘lavender essential oil’ in the ingredients list. A synthetic lavender fragrance just doesn’t cut it in the insect world!There are several good brands to chose from, here’s a collection of our favourites and recommended brands of both wool wash and fabric conditioners.

Add lavender sprigs to stored woolens

Lavender sprigs

Dried posies or twigs of lavender strewn throughout the shelves or drawers not only looks and smells good, it serves the added function of sending the insects away. If you dont have any lavender growing in the garden, think about planting some to use next year!

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